Who am I?

A bit about Bill


At work I turn coffee into mangled spaghetti, sometimes code. My job description often include DevOps (CI/CD, infrastructure as code), Docker, Kubernetes, as well as things in the AWS and GCP ecosystem, like DynamoDB, EC2, ECS, Elasticache, [BigQuery], S3, Blob Storage, and Bigquery. Talk to me about Python and anything ML.

I love examining aviation disasters for the interaction between the crew that affected the sequence of events that ultimately saved or doomed the plane. Some of my favourite incidents include the disaster at Tenerife Airport, the accident of United 232 which hugely exceeded reasonable expectations, and the story of the development and service life of the Concorde.

In my off time, I love to challenge myself by learning other languages, travelling, and creating worlds.

The TL;DR Version

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